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Ottawa's Leader in Landscape Construction 

Beautiful Landscapes. Fearless Innovation. Uncompromising Integrity.

Drawing from over 100 years combined experience from our leadership team, our goal is to make your lives as construction managers easier. 

Our team takes the exteriors of these projects off your hands, managing them with professionalism and with actual care about the project that is unmatched in the industry.

We understand that each project is an ongoing evolution of hurdles and solutions, delays and progressions. We work with you at every step of the way, streamlining the exterior so that you can focus on the buildings themselves. We shoulder the exterior, so you can focus on interior.

We gladly take on complexity. We welcome scale. We are skilled. We are easy to deal with. We will be onsite. We will listen. We are young, sharp, driven, and heavily experienced. We care.

Beautiful work. No complications. We provide executive service.


Landscaping is the art of dragging structure and beauty out of the natural world, inspired by nature but forged to create usable outdoor spaces.

We cut our teeth in high-end residential projects, and we continue to employ the same techniques, and focus on perfection that we learned there to each and every job, whether it be commercial or residential.

While our residential division primarily works for the executives of our commercial clients, we continue to welcome large and complex residential projects, requiring the utmost skill, design, and planning to execute.


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Driven by Experience.


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Glover Brothers Landscaping is where vitality meets experience, delivering collaborative excellence to every project and turning landscapes into works of art.


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