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A design starts from an idea.  We take measurements, pictures, and discuss concepts for your yard.  Then it starts to take shape. The client's ideas begin to find expression and the design starts to emerge from the land itself. We love listening to a new client describing a dream for their yard, some hidden potential waiting there to be unlocked and realized.  In our first meeting we discuss your vision, take measurements, and photos.  Then the design process begins.


Landscape Design is the art of dragging structure and beauty out of the natural world.  Inspired by nature, tempered by the desire for usable outdoor spaces.  During our second consultation the design is presented to our clients with three dimensional renderings of your actual property.  We provide a detailed, itemized, organized estimate outlining the scope of work with an exact price.  This way you know exactly what you are spending and, with the design, you know exactly what we will be building. 


Doing a perfect job takes diligence, patience, skill, and planning. Behind the scenes, before the first tractor ever arrives at your house, every step in the installation process is carefully planned. We know what equipment to allocate to your project, what crew members to send, every aspect is calculated in advance to ensure that your project is run efficiently. The base is so importantWe understand the importance of the foundation because this is what makes the project endure a lifetime.  This is why we warranty 5 years.  Setting new standards in the industry, we excavate deeper and base better because this ensures an outdoor investment, without worry, for decades.


The way you enjoy an outdoor space depends deeply upon the aesthetic.  What pleases the eye also pleases the mind and body.  There is a calm to beauty.  One that settles into tranquility as you ease into your surroundings. There is a relaxation that can only be felt in a beautiful place.  We create those spaces. Art with stone can only be achieved through  precision.  We take our time.  We clean up.  We do everything perfectly.  When we leave your house it will be impressed upon you and all your guests how beautiful your home is and how relaxing life there can be, 


Glover Brothers is honoured to have been featured three years in a row in the Techobloc Catalogues (2017, 2018, 2019).  We cannot express our gratitude and our appreciation enough at being recognized by an organization of Techobloc's stature. We are also extremely grateful to have been voted "Ottawa's Favourite Landscaper: Platinum Award" in this year's Reader's Choice Awards.  There is no greater recognition than the thanks we receive from our exceptional clientele.  Thank you for your hospitality and patronage. Flip through the Techbloc Catalogue online. Our work is featured on page 74-75.

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